CECB: cantonal energy certificate

Cantonal Energy Certificate for Buildings: what is it?

Everyone is talking about it and some cantons, such as Fribourg, Vaud and Neuchâtel, even require it in certain cases! But what is CECB really?

The CECB, Cantonal Energy Certificate for Buildings is a standardised certificate designed, established and recognised by all cantons of the Confederation to improve the quality of a building.

It thus allows the evaluation of the energy efficiency of:

  • the envelope of a building
  • technology for heating and domestic hot water
  • electricity consumption for lighting, ventilation and electrical appliances and/or household appliances

The strength of CECB is that it provides a comprehensive and global view of the factors that directly affect the energy efficiency of your property.

But why do some cantons require this certificate when selling and/or changing the boiler? What is the justification behind this restrictive legislation?

In 2017, the 2050 energy strategy was adopted by the Confederation. At the same time, it was noted that in Switzerland, domestic heating and hot water represent almost a third of the total final energy consumed in the country.

The next step is self-evident: the renovation of the residential, commercial and administrative building stock through CECB and CECB Plus becomes a priority and main focus of federal policy.

Since then, the focus has been on reducing energy waste and consequently fossil fuel consumption.

Cantonal specificities CECB: Obligations and Subsidies

Bonds and Subsidies by Canton - CECB

CECB Mandatory Geneva
Sale of a property optional mandatory mandatory
Changing a fossil fuel boiler optional mandatory optional
CECB required before and after work for those subsides M12 M01, M05, M06, M13, M14 M05, M06, M10, M17

Certificate rate CECB

The price of the service depends on the surface area of the property, the architectural complexity, the availability of plans and the consumption data.

A table below gives you an overview of the prices that apply for standard buildings, without any particular complexity. The price includes the various services provided by the expert in order to deliver a valid CECB certificate.

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For Villas

For the Communes

For Foundations

Villa CECB

Family villa - max 150 ㎡ heated area

820.00 INCL. VAT*.

Villa CECB

House more than 150 ㎡ heated surface

880.00 INCL. VAT*.


Collective housing up to 10 units

980.00 INCL. VAT*.

building CECB

Large collective housing (more than 10 dwellings)

to be agreed



to be agreed


Hotel and shops

to be agreed

The prices indicated include:

  • TVA 7.7%
  • On-site visit
  • A discount of CHF 150.00 to CHF 450.00 is possible if your boiler is older than 10 years 

If the architectural plans are incomplete, or if renovations have been done without a history available:
Price to be evaluated together

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