CECB Plus: certificate & advisory report

Cantonal Energy Certificate for Buildings: what is it?

Swiss cantons such as Fribourg, Vaud, Neuchâtel and Geneva require it when applying for Subsidies for renovation work! But why?

First of all, CECB Plus is the acronym for Certificat Énergétique Cantonal des Bâtiments Plus. The "Plus" is because it integrates and complements the basic CECB . While the CECB assesses and classifies your building on the basis of its current condition, the CECB Plus will give you recommendations on how best to renovate your building.

The options are tailored to your needs and can be combined with renovation models such as Minergie, HPE and THPE.

All the renovation options proposed in the report are costed, budgeted and subsidised.

The Advisory Report consists of approximately 30 pages plus appendices and is fully customised for your property.

Recommendations are included on how best to benefit from financial aid and tax deductions.

Thanks to CECB Plus, it is common to get better conditions for mortgages.

Subsidies CECB More by Canton

CECB+ Mandatory Geneva
Application for a grant of more than CHF 10'000. Envelope and
Overall renovation
M01, M12, M13, M14, M15
Envelope and
Overall renovation
Amount Subsidies Single-family house 750.00
Other categories 1500.00
Single family house 1000.00
Other categories 1500.00
  • The CECB Plus is subsidised by GE and VD for buildings constructed after the year 2000.
  • CECB can also be subsidised by municipalities throughout Switzerland.
  • The CECB Plus is required on GE and FR for all requests for Subsidies for amounts > 10'000 CHF.
  • CECB Plus is required in VD for subsidies of 10,000 CHF or more for insulation measures: M01, M12, M13, M14, M15.

Tarif Advice Report CECB Plus

The price of the service depends on the surface area of the property, the architectural complexity, the availability of plans and the consumption data.

A table below gives you an overview of the prices that apply for standard buildings that are not particularly complex. The price includes the various services provided by the expert in order to deliver a proper CECB Plus Consultancy Report.

Villa CECB

Family villa - max 250 ㎡ heated area

from 1'860.00

Villa CECB

House more than 250 ㎡ heated surface

from 2'070.00


Collective housing up to 10 units

from 2'400.00

building CECB

Large collective housing (more than 10 dwellings)

from 2'800.00



From 3'000.00


Hotel and shops

By quotation

In addition to the services listed in the table, there are

  • Report publication fee: CHF 150.00
  • Report with exchange session: 150.00 CHF
  • Application for grants and completion : 150.00 CHF
  • Calculation IDC requested by the Canton as a condition of eligibility: CHF 150.
  • If the architectural plans are incomplete, or if renovation work has been done without a history available: price to be assessed together
  • VAT
  • Architectural plans for your house. Here is the free procedure in Geneva to ask for architectural plans and building authorizations on a plot of land:
    E-mail: dt.archives@etat.ge.ch
    Subject: Plot of land, Commune, NPA and address
    Applicant: yourself with Name, First name and residence address

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