PEIK audit: energy audit for SMEs

PEIK audit: what is it?

"Energy is money: reduce your electricity, heating and operating costs now" PEIK is the professional energy audit for your SME, created and qualified by the Swiss Confederation.

The PEIK auditor helps you to approach your energy saving projects in a targeted manner. Thanks to the financial support of Suisse Energie and the French-speaking cantons, you can benefit from a subsidy of up to CHF 2'500.

What measures are we talking about?

Optimisation through simple and immediate measures with minimal investment and a high return for your company.

Modernisation through targeted and progressive investments that increase the energy efficiency of the building.

PEIK Audit: professional energy advice for SMEs

In Switzerland, according to the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), 30% of energy consumption in industry and services comes from medium-sized SMEs.

The PEIK audit is a tool designed to identify and quantify the energy optimisation potential of your business. The final goal is to understand your needs and propose a personalised action plan listing strategic, cost-effective and simple energy efficiency measures.

Thanks to the measures adopted, you will see your energy bills reduced. It is also a good lever in terms of corporate image: you can communicate your commitment to energy transition and sustainable development.

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